Nik Goodman

Director, Bounce, UK

Nik Goodman started his radio career working with the legendary record producer Pete Waterman at Radio City in Liverpool during the late 1980s. After gaining his university degree in Radio Production, he returned to Radio City as a producer, then shortly afterwards ending up on-air with his own show. After several years of presenting, he became Executive Producer for the Breakfast Show at Kiss 100 in London, Head of Music for national rock station Virgin Radio, Programme Director for Top 40 station Radio Forth in Edinburgh, and then returned to London as Programme Director for the world-famous Capital FM. Nik went on to establish a consultancy focusing on music, programming, and audio content development and continues to work with market-leading radio stations and media companies across Europe and around the world. In addition, Nik runs the production company ‘Bounce’ which creates music, sound, and content for both brands and broadcasters, with clients ranging from the BBC to Sky. He’s a popular speaker at conferences talking about radio, music and the power of audio.

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09:05 - 09:45
Track 2

The Ultimate Guide to Music Programming

The music on your radio station is everything! With an endless supply of alternative choices for listeners, getting it ‘just right’ is essential. From agreeing on the correct strategy, all the way through to scheduling the first song on the Morning Show each day, there are a lot of different things to consider! This session will guide you through the complicated world of music programming and address some of the big topics. How do you make changes to your format without losing listeners? What can you do to stop your older songs from burning? Can you break the pattern of predictability that some formats have? And how much of a role should music research actually play? Our team of experts will share the secrets of how they tackle the challenge of creating exciting radio formats and playlists, giving you plenty of tips and tricks to try out for yourselves in this, ‘The Ultimate Guide to Music Programming’!

14:45 - 15:30
Track 1

30 ideas

It's back 30 ideas! Once again join us for this epic session of ideas, fun, a bit of madness in a fantastic end to Radiodays Europe 2023...this is the one not to miss!