Olli Junes

Executive producer of radio, Yle, Finland

Olli Junes works as executive producer of radio in Finnish Broadcasting Company, Yle. Junes has worked almost his whole adult life in radio, taking the first steps at the age of 16 in local student radio. Among other things, he has worked as a music journalist and morning show host. On Saturday mornings he often travels to foreign countries and cultures by listening to different stations from around the world.

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14:55 - 15:35
Track 3

War reporting in the 21st century

February last year Russia attacked Ukraine changing the lives of many in just one year. Probably for the first time we can follow the war in real time inside and outside the war rooms - Journalists, social media, satellite data and drones feed us the latest updates in a blink of an eye. The term 'Fog of War' is often used meaning truth must be established continuously with expertise and the right tools. So how do you find reliable sources? How do you identify fake news and propaganda? How do you navigate in this packed information space? Hear the answers from the seasoned experts.