Ralph van Dijk

Creative Strategist, Audio Specialist. Founder of Eardrum and Resonance Sonic Branding

Ralph is widely regarded as a global authority on radio and audio creative. He started his career as an agency writer and started winning awards right away. He formed his audio specialist agency Eardrum in London, and they work with multi-national brands and their agencies turning great ideas into well-crafted gong-magnets, as well as producing branded audio content. Today Ralph is the world’s most awarded radio writer / director and his company Eardrum have been voted LIA’s Radio and Audio Agency for the last three years running. Each year they are behind many of the most awarded radio campaigns at Cannes, D&AD, One Show etc etc. His passion is fueled by a determination to explore, innovate and subvert using sound. One day his Mother will know what he does for a living.

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14:55 - 15:35
Track 1

Love is in the ear...

Love is the emotion that trumps all others, and the most successful brands are loved and shared at warp speed. The intimacy of a familiar voice, emotive music and vivid mental pictures painted by each listener gives audio an unfair advantage to engender this powerful emotion. Yet so much audio advertising is guilty of selling by yelling, with advertisers killing their communication with inauthentic voices, hyperbolic statements and facts and figures better suited to a website. More people than ever are choosing to have their entertainment and information delivered to them in audio. While ad-tech helps brands reach them, unless their ad creative moves them, the campaign will be written off as a failed experiment. In this session, the founder of the world’s most awarded audio agency will demonstrate how relevant cleverness and consistency will generate short term results while building brands that are loved for the long term. The fastest way to a consumer’s heart is through their ears, and Ralph van Dijk has the examples to prove it.