Sean Ross

consultant/editor, Ross on Radio

Sean Ross is a radio consultant, researcher, and journalist, who has worked with radio around the world and in every format. After three different times at Billboard Magazine, he has published his own Ross On Radio newsletter for more than a decade. Find him @RossOnRadio.

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11:10 - 11:50
Track 4

How music research can make your station better

Research plays such an important role in helping music radio stations refine their product and keep them competitive. From Strategic Studies and Callout right the way through to Format Testing and Music testing software. There are many different research tools a radio programmer can use. But what are the most effective and how do you know where and how to invest your research budget? In this session, our crack team of research experts will guide you through the maze of radio research options, share some best practise, and help you understand how research can grow your audience.