Announcing Frédéric Gérand, Head of Audio, RTBF

Frédéric leads the Audio division at RTBF in Belgium . A man of experience , character and convictions, a good listener and decision maker, deeply passionate about Radio & Podcast . In 1995, he joined the Studio École de France in Paris, before moving to large international media groups in France and abroad where he was a manager of production units and an on – air director . In 2015 , he brought in all this expertise to RTBF . At the same time, he is a member of the board at m and holds two mandates at the EBU . He is also chairman of the MFP Digital Audio Commission, a group of audio experts from the French – speaking MSP. He defends an optimistic and enlightened vision of the digital transformation of Radio in order to serve all audiences . He’s d riven by the conviction that digital audio is able to attract and capture attention more than ever before , in a world dominated by screens. In the era of platformization , he recommends keeping the direct link with users . He feels that this can be done through mastering both catalogs and associated data, by adapting the measurement tools inherited from linear ra dio consumption to a landscape where smartphones and connected devices dominate the growth forecasts. His perfect knowledge of the Ra dio industry is coupled with a transversal and multidisciplinary vision of media . He believes in collective intelligence management and says, “I learn from my teams. I see myself as a coach inspiring a vision and human values by inviting free spirits to the reflection table. Innovation always is born from experimentation.

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