Building a Benchmark


The Backbone of successful shows!


Benchmarks, or regular features, form the backbone of many successful shows, providing consistency and quality entertainment every single day. Some benchmarks even become the main reason listeners tune into a show.

Joining this session at Anna Rastner is the Content Director for Bauer Media Audio Sweden. In her role, Anna uses her extensive digital transformation experience and deep journalistic knowledge to create innovative content that makes the lives of listeners sound better while generating commercial value.

Sitting within the leadership team of Bauer Media Audio Sweden, Anna is responsible for all audio content and activities across Mix Megapol, NRJ, Rockklassiker, Vinyl FM, Retro FM, Svensk Pop, Lugna Klassike as well as the digital platforms Podplay and RadioPlay.

This session will be moderated by Nik Goodman, Bounce UK along with Liam Thompson, Ireland – Register Now!

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