Digital Audio Manager of Audiomax in Greece, Alexis Karakatsanis will be speaking at RDE24

Alexis Karakastanis is Digital Audio Manager at Audiomax in Greece. He also collaborates with BCI Research & Consulting as radio consultant and he is the Country manager for Radioplayer Greece. Alexis owns and runs Press Play, an in-store music service company operating in SE Europe.

He is actively involved in radio and audio conferences like Radiodays Europe and All things Radio in Greece.

Alexis brings over 30 years of experience in the radio and audio business, having a footprint in the markets of Athens, Thessaloniki, Serbia and Cyprus. During this time, he has designed and implemented the launch of five terrestrial radio stations and dozens of online radios. Alexis held the position of Group Program Director for more than 10 years at Antenna Group (Rythmos 949, Easy 97,2 and Under his management Rythmos 949 was leading its format being continually in the Top 3 among music stations. Alexis was the mastermind of Easy 97.2 created in 2012. Easy shook the Athenian radio market, led the soft AC format and established itself as the “Christmas” station.

He had been a member of EIIRA (the Association of Athens Private Radio Broadcasters) and he is the Greek representative of the Association in Radiodays Europe and Radioplayer.

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