Golden Ear: Anders Held awarded the Swedish Radio Academy’s ”Prize of Honour”


Press Release from SR and the Swedish Radio Academy

Golden Ear: Anders Held awarded the Swedish Radio Academy’s ”Prize of Honour” 2019

Every year the Swedish Radio Academy hand out a Prize of Honour for Year to someone who has made an important contribution to radio and or to listeners. The winner for 2019 is Anders Held from Swedish Radio who was one of the Co-founders of Radiodays Europe that is now expanding across the world.

The Jury’s reasoning: Anders Held has contributed to the developement of the radio industry, not only in Sweden and Europe, but now also around the world. Anders is one of the founders of Radiodays Europé and has, to a large extent, guided and developed the event into a ten-year success. A couple of years ago he created Podcast Day by Radiodays Europe and now continues the success of Radiodays Europe to Asia with Radiodays Asia. Thousands and yet thousands of attendees have over the years been inspired and widened their knowledge thanks to Anders.

Cilla Benkö, CEO, Swedish Radio, Sweden said, “Anders Held was one of the Founders of Radiodays Europe, he has been the driver and enthusiast from the start and has put an enormous amount of energy and creativity into making this event into the success it is today. That Anders has been awarded the Golden Ear Prize of Honour makes me tremendously proud and happy on his behalf”.

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