How To Generate Ideas? Napkins, Drawing And Sharing…

Wade Kingsley

It all started with a bit of singing. Warming up vocal cords is important, apparently, especially at 9am. Wade Kingsley is a consultant from Australia. He believes that in radio ideas come second only to transmitters – but the processes used to generate (better) ideas tend to be inefficient! 

“How serious is your station about ideas?” Kingsley asked. Research says that people have their better ideas either alone or as part of a pair, so brainstorming is not the best tool for coming up with the best ideas. 

He also said that starting with a black piece of paper is not the best way to start – starting with something is better! 

Wade asked delegates to get inspired by listening to the music of Queen. Then they had to draw their ideas on a napkin, close their eyes and try to visualise scenarios! Wade was inspirational and encouraged delegates to answer questions in pairs and to share their thoughts with each other. 

Wrapping up, Kingsley set an extra challenge to his audience: “Your homework now is to go back to your radio station and tell them how to get better ideas”. Definitely something to take back home after Radiodays Europe.  


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