Join the Masterclass – Overcoming unconscious bias when pitching to advertisers, an interactive workshop with Radiocentre

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Join the Masterclass – Overcoming unconscious bias when pitching to advertisers, an interactive workshop with Judith Spilsbury, Head of Training and Special Projects, Radiocentre

In 2018 Ebiquity published the findings of a major study* which showed that, based on evidence, radio ranks second only to TV in its ability to grow brands. However the same study also showed that advertisers often significantly underestimate radio’s value whilst overestimating the value of social media. This is also reflected in investment levels – although investment in radio in the UK is growing, it still takes the second lowest share of overall ad expenditure**

So how do you disrupt entrenched thought processes which are largely informed by the customer’s personal influences and experience to get radio back on the agenda? In this interactive workshop we will explore some of the barriers to radio and revisit radio’s unique strengths in the context of the broader digital picture.

To make the session as relevant and practical as possible we will take a well-known brand and brainstorm ideas on ways in which radio could make a real difference to the brand’s communication strategy as well as discuss ways of overcoming any potential areas of resistance.

As the industry body for commercial radio in the UK, one of Radiocentre’s roles is to drive industry revenue by persuading advertisers and agencies to see radio differently through a combination of marketing, research and training. In this workshop Radiocentre will also be sharing some of the landmark research studies and tools they have developed to help change advertiser perceptions of radio.

You can Register for Radiodays Europe Here. This Masterclass is being held on Sunday of Radiodays Europe at the Venue, Swiss Tech Convention Centre. If you have already registered for Radiodays Europe and would like to add this Masterclass to your booking you can do this through your confirmation email under the section that says ‘Add Event’, to have your confirmation email re-sent to you please contact

*Re-Evaluating Media

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