Looking after your staff


Sara Ardizzone is the Head of Human Resources at Bauer Media Audio in Sweden. She talked about some of the challenges Bauer had faced since the pandemic, especially around designing new offices and designing a new culture at their new offices. 
Bauer is training and up-skilling staff, focusing on a learning and growth mindset, and ensuring that people feel they are still learning whilst on the job. Bauer has also turned their office into a “destination office” with workshops, meeting spaces and built-in flexibility.
Teresa Hanratty is the Project Manager at Learning Waves, a training group, in Ireland. She talked about the different programmes she had run to recruit talent. These included hosting media weeks (“get them young, treat them well, and you will have them for life” she said), boot camps, development programmes, broadcast law updates, and a graduate programme. It’s a comprehensive and strategic plan, and lots of broadcasters around the world could certainly benefit from what Learning Waves is doing. 
Sam Bailey, the MD of the Radio Academy in the UK, then spoke. Radio Academy is a charity and takes a different approach to supporting the industry. Sam runs the national radio awards, as well as other awards, training days and events. He tries to support audio professionals throughout their career from entering to exiting the industry. “A rising tide floats all boards” said Sam. 

All three organisations are doing some great work, and many businesses inside and outside of the broadcast industry could learn a lot from their work. 

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