Money for nothing, and your data for free

“There is a difference between good and bad advertising. The good one presents relevant information about things that I’m considering buying. The bad is only an irrelevant interruption in my life,” says James Cridland, the editor and founder of Podnews and the last speaker of the Audiodata Summit. In his “ultimate masterclass” he briefly presents ways how to better monetize your audio-content using collected data. 

Cridland shows what type of data do the big companies (like Spotify, Twitter, Google or even the public broadcaster BBC) collect. Not only it does remember what you searched for but it also gathers information about the device you used, your location and time spent on each website or programme. Cridland demonstrates this on his own data (if you yourself want to find out what do the big companies have on you specifically, you can easily download your own data thanks to the GDPR law). Another interesting way to improve your advert targeting is via the so-called conversational targeting – if you analyze the topics in your podcasts or radio shows, you will be able to perfect targeting your listeners and adverts for them.

According to Cridland, the clue for the perfect advertising is being contextual, focused on the specific customer and unexpected. You can make such adverts thanks to new softwares offered by various companies, both for podcasting (for example Triton Digital / Omni Studio, Cast, DAX etc.) and streaming radio (Triton Digital, AdsWizz, StreamGuys etc.). However, he stresses that the best sales-team is your own, as well as the best ad-sales environment is your own app. That is why you should make sure you have only one data source in your business that you will use efficiently.

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