The Podcast Life

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If you love podcasting and can’t make it to London for Radiodays Europe PODCAST DAY 2020, then we have just the thing for you.

RDE will be running multiple sessions throughout Sunday 29 afternoon, Monday 30 and Tuesday 31 March on Podcasting. There will also be #ThePodcastLife meet-up area for podcasters… Stay tuned! 

Podcast sessions are listed below – take a look! 

Game changers podcast live: “Bean there, done that”
Craig Bruce (International Radio Consultant, Podcast Host and Author, Australia), Gene “Bean” Baxter (Morning show host, KROQ Los Angeles, United States) International morning show talent coach and host of the Radio Game Changers podcast, Craig Bruce, goes one on one with US radio hall of fame inductee, Gene Bean Baxter from the Kevin and Bean morning show in LA.
Double Session: Part 2 – Radio in the Podcast Age
Dennis Clark (Vice President of Talent Development, iHeartMedia, United States) How can radio presenters use their skills as an on-air personality to develop a podcast to boost their brand?
Podcast, radio and revenue – Living together harmoniously?
Rune Born Schwartz, (Head of Innovation, Bauer Media, Denmark) Can you maximize podcast revenue without cannibalizing your radio revenue?  How do you sell podcasts and is it possible for radio and podcasts to financially co-exist in harmony? 

Podcasting – Facts, figures & opinions
Tom Webster (Senior Vice President, Strategy and Marketing, Edison Research, USA), Adam Bowie (Business Development Manager, BBC World Service, United Kingdom) Podcasting is booming. Hear the latest overview from around the world and get inspired by the coming trends from the experts in the field.

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