Radio and podcasts, reaching new audiences


‘I might be making different podcasts for different parts of the world…for world audiences our podcasts are not catch up services’.

‘Who killed Elsie Frost’ and ‘Body on the Moor’ were taken out of radio programmes, given their own branding and made into a podcast.  There are quite a few World Service podcasts, which need to be curated.

Some of the best podcasts have – great presentation, engaging story telling, a sense of purpose and a strong relationship with listeners including ‘Crowd Science’, ’50 things that made the modern economy’ and ‘People fixing the world’. Commissioning new podcasts have a specific goal, with podcasts that may not be radio programmes.

Podcasts are total freedom, it’s an exciting time for BBC World Service with the new policy and over the next 12 months they will be launching. 

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