Radio on demand from a youth perspective  

In a conversation moderated by Aslak Gottlieb (academic researcher from Southern University of Denmark) three young Czech media users talked about what type of news they prefer in their feed, and how to engage the younger audiences in news content?

Aslak presented data which shows that public TV and Radio stations are the most trusted news sources but people in the age group 25-34 tend to avoid news. All three guests said that they grew up watching news from Czech public media so it’s most trustworthy, but often the news is too depressing so they like to switch to lighter content.

According to screenshots showing time spent on social media on their mobile devices, Instagram is still number one. Some of them use it for work but admitted that it’s addictive and it’s hard to get out of the algorithm bubble. “I followed many influencers and I felt like they were my friends, I imagined it as if it was alcohol addiction”. One of the guests also said that even Twitter has changed its layout, offering the possibility to see different viewpoints, which she wasn’t keen on. 

The audience had a chance to ask questions through an online poll. One of the visitors wondered: “Why don’t you listen to live broadcasting?” – “I don’t know how to put on live radio anymore”. All of the guests agreed that radio on demand is the best option because they can pick for themselves what to listen to. “Why would I listen to music I don’t like and jokes I don’t find funny if I am paying Spotify so I can hear whatever I want?”.

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