Radiodays Europe 2023 begins! And it’s all-inclusive

Pro lark Media’s Rosie Kendrick welcomed the first audience as speakers took to the stage in the inaugural session at Radiodays Europe in this beautiful city of Prague, Radiodays Inclusive. 

Rosie Kendrick: “The secret of practising”

“There is no secret to practising, you just have to do it”, says Rosie Kendrick, audio content creator and trainer, in her opening. However, there are structured approaches that help with practising. As we are primed to structure life in patterns and the smallest pattern contains three elements it is helpful to set one feasible goal and find three simple sub-steps that will bring you closer to your goal and then start practising what now seems quite manageable. 

Iram Ansari: “Greater diversity in your organisation and your content”

Great content will always be multicultural says Iram Amsari, NRA (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation), emphatically. That necessitates multicultural competency within the organisation, a great path to which is empowering the diversity within the youth, for instance via programmes that targets this encouragement. Moreover, sources and voices that are diverse enable unique access to otherwise overlooked stories and perspectives enhancing quality and audience, while promoting democracy through a more inclusive public sphere of discourse. 

Sadia Azmat: “You gotta believe in yourself”

English stand-up comedian Sadia Azmat hadn’t come Radiodays to tell jokes, but it didn’t stop her session being extremely enjoyable. Her motivating presentation on self-promotion gave useful tips focusing on self-improvement starting with self-trust, accepting rejection and the ability to keep going no matter what. Some of her advice was not to get in your own way, and break old patterns. She involved the audience by assigning simple tasks that led to thinking about attitude towards work and self-promotion. 

Tanya Tarr: “Managing for Joy”

Opening with “Managing for joy, is actually about preventing burn-out and depression” Tanya Tarr’s session got serious real quick. As a behavioural scientist she is especially concerned with how comprehensively workplace affects wellbeing, necessitating the creation of “Workplaces of Wellbeing” positively integrating emotional, cultural, mental and physical activities at work. 

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