RDE Speaker Profile: Christian O’Connell


Christian O’Connell has had a lot of ‘firsts’, whether that’s getting his guests involved in risqué antics or broadcasting the unbroadcastable he seems to have done it all first.  Not to mention winning an epic number of Sony Radio Academy Awards, perhaps also a first.

In a career that started in 1999 Christian O’Connell has been a firm favorite on commercial radio. Like many before him he worked his way up on local stations as far apart as 2CR Radio in Bornmouth and then Juice FM in Liverpool. He did his time on public radio working on the BBC’s Radio 5 Live and also hosted the breakfast show on XFM. He is however known and has won most awards for his time on Absolute Radio (formerly Virgin) which started in 2016. Ten years later he’s still there with his own unique sense of style, radio and the ability to make some of the most famouse names in show business do some really rather outrageous things all in the name of Radio. Beloved by of some of the biggest celebrities in the UK he is often joined by said celebrities on his radio show and also attracts other highly recogniseable figures including politicians who also enjoy being part of the show. 

Going back to the theme of firsts, O’Connell was the first to co-host the first world simulcast with the Australian comedy team Hamish and Andy in 2012, this was a live breakfast show in the UK and a drive time show on Australia’s Today Network. More recently he wrote his first children’s book in 2017 called the Radio Boy. He is truely a leading creative talent in UK commercial radio today and will be speaking at Radiodays Europe 2017!


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