Slovenia’s Lenja Faraguna will be speaking at RDE24

Lenja believes David Ogilvy on this truth: “The listener is not a moron, she is your wife!”

She believes in unique and brave brands, masterminded by amazingly interesting people with balls and ovaries who do things differently in their industry and who are willing to explore the power of sound.

The T-shirts she loves wearing while giving talks and workshops on memorable and effective radio ads and promotions is “LOVE IS IN THE EAR” or “RADIO IS BEAUTIFUL”.

She has a master’s degree in Semiotics of radio advertising, which, by being blonde she had to simplify it for herself as being, the formula of an effective radio ad.

She has been working closely with top creative agencies in the Balkans opening their minds, hearts and budgets to radio!

With THE RADIO EMBASSY team she is putting radio campaigns on air in Slovenia, around the Balkans and Europe which contain no yelling, not too many adjectives, no cliches – turning “underdogs” into winners in their category.

She is also a big ambassador of audio branding and her mission is to lower the % of Fortune 500 companies who are still dedicating 83% into visual advertising and rising the number 8%, which is the % of global brands with their own audio branding at the moment.

She believes it should be prohibited by law to put the audio version of a TV ad or a spoken newspaper ad out as a radio ad – it’s money thrown out of the window.

Lenja is an entrepreneur from the only country with LOVE in its name, mindset coach for CEOs, keynote Speaker, startup advisor and a HUMAN protecting (self) care & humanness in the (radio) business world.

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