Structure Your Development Process


Ole Hedemann, works as a content developer and Head of Formats at NRK – the Norwegian Broadcasting Cooperation. He is about to embark as Professor of Media and Communication, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences.

He will also be leading the Method to Madness: Structure your development process Masterclass on Sunday at Radiodays Europe 2020.

This main purpose of this class is to learn how to work with audience insight prior to, and as a base for, developing shows. The topic areas will include; how to trim your organisation to become better at handing new ideas, how to structure development processes to meet the needs of media houses and how to apply the “NABC-method” in a meaningful way to your organisation to develop new ideas that meet audience needs.

This Masterclass is beneficial for producers and managers who want to be innovative. In general, the Masterclass will focus on content development and provide video proof from processes that work.

Ole Hedemann became NRKs first editorial Head of Development in the Factual department in 2005. Introducing the NABC method as a development tool, he was asked to join a new born Content Development department in 2007 and has been there ever since. From 2011 he became responsible for the roll-out of NRK’s formats to the international market. Among the formats he has brought to the market: unscripted successes like Teenage boss, Never Ever do this at home and Doctors vs Internet, and scripted successes like Eyewitness, Mammon and lately smash hit SKAM.

In summary, Ole is a skilled professional who has developed his approach Method to Madness approach out of a fruitful career in the industry.

Register to Radiodays Europe 2020 so you can attend Ole Hedemann’s Sunday Masterclass!

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