Three shows, three successes


Host and producer Jonas Gülstorff (Host Songwriter, DR, Denmark) took the stage first and explained Songwriter, a show where he and a musical guest spend two-hours writing a tune on the air. In 2017 the show won a Prix Europe in the category “Best music format“. 
For Jonas, the best part of the show is connecting with audience members, turning their lives into song with some of Denmark’s biggest musicians. By showing the same courage as your listeners who call in to share intimate details of their lives, great radio, Jonas says, is guaranteed.
After, Serge Schick (Head of Strategic Marketing and Development, Radio France) spoke about new media experiences with radio at the core. He helped orchestrate a live radio show in front of an audience in Paris that, at the same time, was sent live in 40 movie theaters across France. It offered the possibility to all the listeners to be part of a show they love. 
At just €15 a seat, 6,400 listeners occupied seats across the nation. The key to pulling off such a successful outside broadcast campaign, Serge said, is communication; advertising, both physical and digital. They’re doing it again, too. The next is later in March, and has double the participating cinemas than before. 
Apart from hosting his own popular morning show on Radio 1, Dennis Avdic (Slovenia) is also hosting the most popular Saturday night TV show and doing his own stand-up and one-man theatre shows. Denis spoke about what makes a great radio show. 
“We have secret sound, we play you your favourite songs, we give away free cars,” Dennis reels off, “but we also break the rules and that’s really important.”

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