Upload Radio


What is Upload Radio?

Listeners can upload their shows, the hour show is broadcast on DAB, so why do this when you have the internet?

Discovery is a challenge, there is a big roadblock to discovery today. This service can build audiences and bypasses discovery issues. There is also a need about being live and being part of a linear schedule, broadcast radio takes content to other platforms and content will be on Radioplayer and iPlayer. This means the service will also be on apps.

From a discover perspective content is inserted into the 7m users who use Radioplayer each week. Internet radio user is 20% but DAB internet reach is 57%. This is a new service and a test for the UK, uploaders can choose between three regions where their content will be broadcast – London, Liverpool and Gloucestershire. It’s interesting to see where uploaders are trying reach – London for numbers, Liverpool for local. The online portal shows a visual and a description. 

You can go to the Upload radio website to find out more about this new service: https://beta.uploadradio.com

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