Earhustle tells the story of people in prison, on their journey from incarceration to freedom.


Nigel and Earlonne met in 2012. They got on professionally straight away, working on a photography project, but it took a while for them to start to working together in the audio space. Then PRX Radiotopia put a call out around the world for projects which they could invest in, and Earhustle made the cut. 
They had to work through an unusual set of challenges. For example, the prison authority in the area they were broadcasting from in America were cautious about the work they were doing and it took a while to gain their trust (something that Phil, from the Prison Radio Association, could relate to).
But it was totally worth the effort. Earhustle is now one of the biggest podcasts around the world and has told so many incredible stories of people in prison. 
Nigel and Earlonne played a few incredible clips from Earhustle. They were full of humour, love and emotion. “All the feels” as Phil said, with different characters telling their truths in prison. 
One interesting anecdote came from Earlonne. As the podcast became a success, it was odd for him because he was still serving time in jail. He received a lot of mail from listeners and fans, but, although he became famous in the outside world, inside prison he was just an ordinary inmate.

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