Everyone is launching podcasts, right?


Well, it’s not rocket science. Podcasts provide a shop window, additional content, a way of keeping the conversation going.

We’ve talked a lot about podcasts at RDE over the past few years. In fact some of the most popular speakers in Paris 2016 and Milan 2015 were Katlin Prest (from The Heart Podcast) and Anna Sale (from The Death, Sex and Money Podcast) respectively.

The guys at RDE HQ have started a podcast. Once every two weeks we’re publishing a short conversation with someone involved in the event: a speaker, an organiser, a delegate. Each episode is short enough to be focussed but long enough to provide some interesting depth. It’s not sales-y, nor too flippant. Numbers are small but people seem to be talking about it. I’d love to hear your feedback if you have any?

Does this new project indicate a major change for RDE? Well, no. The team here at Radiodays Europe are not expecting to be at the helm of next hot global podcast! We don’t see ourselves as a broadcaster. But our podcast is part of a wider project at RDE! We see ourselves as an incubation centre; somewhere to try out ideas and experiment with content.

Over the years, we’ve tried out new things with blogging, idea-generation techniques and social platforms like Snapchat. You see, we feel that this is part of our role. Showcasing some of the possibilities for organisations
within the radio industry, and inspiring a new generation of broadcasters.

In America, podcast listening has gone up about a quarter, with audiences around the world catching onto the platform as well. Podcasts are probably not the be-all-and-end-all for broadcasters, but they do represent an opportunity for content providers and consumers alike. A chance to experiment, a place to try new things out, somewhere to test the water.

Everyone’s experimenting, right?

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