NextGeners announced for Amsterdam

NextGen Adebola 3

Radiodays Europe is running a project, sponsored by DAVID Systems, Swedish Radio and Radiodays Europe, to help young radio professionals come to Amsterdam 2017 to share ideas, network and develop their future careers in radio.

Our five NextGen17 winners are:

  • Joanna Alencar Baban, Germany, AFK M94.5
  • Suzan Arslan, Sweden, ​Swedish Radio
  • Chloe English, UK, ​Roundhouse Radio
  • Adebola Adebanjo, Nigeria, ​freelance
  • Slim Jones, UK, East London Radio

Joanna says:
“After 20 years of live broadcasting, the local radio station in Munich – M94.5 – will beloosing its frequency in less than 6 months. M94.5 has been my home for almost 2years. Now, we are facing the challenges of only being available through digital radioand web stream. But nevertheless, we are excited for the future: What are the bestpossibilities to engage with our audience? How can we improve our Social Mediapresence? How does digital radio affect the way we create our content? I hope, thatthe Radiodays Europe will offer me answers to these questions – and a whole newspectrum of ideas of what the future of radio will look like!”

Suzan says:
“I’m looking forward to good vibes, inspiration and networking! It feels exciting to be a part of a big event that is focused on radio and to do this in a context with other people that are passionate about radio. It’s a great opportunity to meet people from the radio industry, public and private, to talk and learn about radio in a visionary way. I also appreciate the diversity when it comes to age, experience and geography. Can’t wait to feel inspired and connect with new friends and ideas!”

Chloe says:
“I am beyond excited by the prospect of being surrounded by so many radio heads alike! With such an amazing line up of talks and workshops in store, I can’t wait to hear from some of the incredible talent shaping the industry today – getting the chance to listen to what Mixcloud’s Co-founder Nikhil Shah has to say on the future of music is just one of many things I am anticipating with eager ears. It will also be so great to have the opportunity to network and share some ideas inspired by the talks with other radio lovers – Bring on the Next Gen workshop on Sunday eve!”

Adebola says:
“At Radio Days Europe 2017, I will be looking to learn compelling storytelling for radio (as heard in some podcasts) as I believe this remains the fundamental vice that defines radio and separates it from other forms of media. I would like to hear the thoughts about re-inventing radio vis-à-vis digital media and IF radio can still keep ‘that’ identity its known to have traditionally. I am also fascinated by Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB) and it’s potential to re-define how people listen to radio – how feasible is this in Africa? – This seems like rocket science to me.”

To enter RDE NextGen, applicants have uploaded a video to their own Youtube pages telling us what they think the future of radio should look like.
Check out some of the videos sent in from applicants across the world here

Please use the hashtag #NextGen17 on social media.

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