Radio is dead (sorry) but audio is in its Golden Age


It used to be straightforward to forecast the future, but not anymore. According to Ben, no matter what industry you are in, forecasting horizons is now a problem. It means that we can’t make plans in a way we used to.

So how do we think about the future? Ben thinks a rules-based system is the way forward! As technology changes (and gets faster at changing), society is also changing too.

“This is the first time in history that our tools have got twice as good in a year – we have come to terms with this” said Ben.

As we constantly move towards the future, radio itself is probably dead, but audio is not. “We are living through a golden age of audio, more people are listening that ever before and the diversity of programme is better than ever.” 

So what should broadcasters do to take advantage of this golden age? We need to adopt legacy free technology and reinvent our processes – the world is ours for the taking!

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