Session Profile: The Moment Interview

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Torben Brandt (Editor in chief, P1, Danish Broadcasting Corporation, DK)  

Learn and feel “The Moment Interview”. A live in-practice demonstration of the method by one of the most experienced interviewers in Denmark.

Storytelling on radio draws on memories and flashbacks. Sometimes an entire story is built on memories. The ‘Moment Interview’ technique brings you – the audience – and the storyteller back into the drama scene or the ‘now’.  In a collaboration with an interviewee – the method will be demonstrated live, in front of the Radiodays Europe audience, bringing his or her story to life. Reconstructing the drama, the movements, the smell, the words and the thoughts of the story. Torben Brandt will take a chance by conducting a Moment Interview on stage with minimal research. Usually he can develop 1-2 moments. Enough to understand the story – and more importantly – the method!

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