Session Profile: Radio is losing the younger listeners!

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Rasmus Kidde (Audience Researcher, DR, Denmark), Siobhan McMennemy (Audience Researcher, BBC, UK), George Mullen (Audience Researcher, BBC, UK)  

Hear the latest research on youth and their changing listening behavior. Radio is losing the younger listeners – what can be done to win them back?  

Over the last couple of years, the younger audiences have adopted new listening habits. Music streaming services are increasingly taking over the listening behaviour of young listeners between 15 and 25 years of age. 

This session will show you the most recent research on young listeners and gives you insights into how to better understand and influence these listeners. From the public service broadcaster in Denmark, DR, Rasmus Kidde will share the results of a recent music and device study carried out by DR in Denmark. A study which won the ‘Tony Twyman’ award 2019 for its outstanding insights into the changing listening behavior of youth. From public service broadcaster in Great Britain, BBC, Siobhan McMennemy and George Mullen will share the latest research from the BBC regarding the listening behavior of young listeners. They will share some of the insights gathered on content and music appealing to youth audiences following the effect of BBC SOUNDS.

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