Talk with your audience, not at them.

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Matt Adams, Engagement Editor at NPR, was full of praise for the practicality and importance of using Twitter Spaces to engage their audience of social natives.

He suggested that they can help you reach the ‘North Star’ goal of engaging younger and more diverse audiences. 

Not only are they easy to set up, but your audience becomes a part of the conversation. It’s a way to find story themes and ideas that young audiences are interested in and hold Spaces about them.

It’s a live listening experience, which can be recorded and repurposed on air or in podcasts as bonus content, that allows the organisation to know what they’re not covering, and how they can expand their ideas for the future.

Matt says: “I’m really big on having open conversations, we’re talking with people, not at them. We’re having this free-flowing conversation with them and showing them they can come to NPR to find out something new.”

And although Nick Kazakis’ approach to social media at SPIN 1038 is different, it is no less successful.

SPIN focuses on their brand personality – creating content that at a glance people will be able to recognise where it is from – and enhancing their on air content.

Breakfast show visual promotions and follow up videos to something that happened on air are some of the more successful content on SPIN’s social media channels.

And Nick stressed the need for certain social content to be relatable – if an audience can look at a post and want to send it to their friends or family then it is worth posting.

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