Celebrating Passion for Music and Data


MusicMaster Scheduling stands for quality music playlists, usability and connectivity. Empowering deep integration in terms of connecting and interfacing as well as enriching data within its own database and other systems and make use of this, while maintaining usability, are at the very core of the software. 

MusicMaster strives to give a global user community the fullest possible spectrum of qualitative work, but also protecting the single user from quantitative and repetitive work drives the experience to act out curation talent. 

Audio is evolving and as such with the onset of digital platforms of distribution as well as non-linear consumption a wider variety of meta data layers needs to be supported, complementing content and music. The software accompanies ongoing brand diversification by centralized managing and maintaining processes respecting the need to reflect the identities of each brand and its derivates.

Music playlists in the sense that we all know and love will become more diverse, targeting smaller audiences while maintaining themes and brand identities. This adds complexities of not yet existing proportions, factoring in data from various sources and about various sources, from environment and locations to personal preferences.

MusicMaster’s highly scalable design, a customizable database and the intuitive user interface are the cornerstones of its success to target these challenges. In the back, MusicMaster easily interfaces with other systems, such as playout, traffic, research, and media libraries. And many of them make use of MusicMaster’s open real-time integration capabilities to add powerful joint-functionality.

The MusicMaster team continues building what is true to the software’s core, usability and process-oriented tools where entire broadcast brands can move as one, either for linear, non-linear or partial-linear consumption.

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