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The Podcast Life

If you love podcasting and can’t make it to London for Radiodays Europe PODCAST DAY 2020, then we have just the thing for you. RDE

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Catch Up Videos!

Watch whenever you want, see the sessions you missed and watch your favourite sessions again! Missed a great session? Want to go back and check

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Speaker Profile: Mary Hoogerbrugge

Mary Hoogerbrugge is branding specialist at De Positioneerders. Her fields of expertise are brand positioning, portfolio management and effectiveness research. De Positioneerders support their clients

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Speaker Profile: Joan Warner

Joan Warner is the Chief Executive Officer of Commercial Radio Australia which represents 99% of all commercial radio broadcasters. Ms Warner was responsible for the planning, rollout and implementation of DAB+

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Host Profile: Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson is an international media executive with extensive radio, television and digital  experience, having successfully held senior Exec positions at the BBC, The Walt

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Speaker Profile: Ann Charles

Ann is a radio producer-turned broadcast engineer who specialises in all things studios and workflow. Equally happy making programmes as running broadcast infrastructure projects, her

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