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Morning Show Secrets Revealed!

CurrieNorden ( developed an online content tester called ‘Ultimate Air Check’. Using this tool, you can upload audio from your radio show, choose your audience,

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Join in the chat!

Thomas Doduik, Director, Europe 1, gave a brief overview of how his station is aiming to reach an audience online. Currently, with over one million

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The Diversity Challenge

Relevance is harder now than ever before. Perspective is absolutely critical, Susan Marjetti uses the example of an art class, wherever you sit within the

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Radio in France

Benoit Cassaigne, Senior VP for Médiamétrie ­ a national audience research company, gave an overall description of how the sector works in the country. This includes

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Emotional Marketing

There are four elements to conveying a message with sound ­ music, sound effects, silence and voice. She focused on verbal information. She undertook research into

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Winning the first tune-in 1024x576-5679

The Early Bird…

Daniel states that the morning is the most important time for a radio station ­ if a station wins your ‘first tune­ in’ of the

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