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Monday Night Event

Over 700 people attended the extraordinary venue in the raw industrial north part of Amsterdam, Hotel De Goudfazant. Our hosts and partners PURE Jingles, RAB

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Keynote: Safe and Sound

Hannah Storm (Director, International News Safety Institute, UK) said that journalism had changed. Journalist’s safety is paramount to the future of radio – two journalists

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Radio Industry Keynote

Menno Koningsberger (CEO, Talpa Radio, the Netherlands) welcomed everyone and impressed upon delegates the importance of building their own futures. DO not just focus on

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Facebook Audio

Not many people working in radio have had a chance to use Facebook Live Audio. Newly launched, it’s only available for verified pages at the

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Launching NEW imaging

“What is the future of the jingle? As jingle creators, the team at Pure Jingles have been told often that ‘people get tired of jingles’.

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Beyond spots and dots

The relationship between the programming and sales team is always a tense one​ ​at radio stations​. T​hey often have different ideas ​regarding how to make

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Christian O’Connell

After nearly 20 years on the air, Christian has a few tips for presenters… If you’re a broadcaster, what’s the most important thing? Don’t sit

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Hello from the other side

Stephanie ​knew two things growing up, she wasn’t a boy and she wanted to work in radio. Having reached ​a career high​,​ presenting the biggest

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