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Speaker Profile: Lukas Schöne

Within the “MedienNetzwerk Bayern” Lukas Schoene is responsible for strategic relations to the audio industry. He analyses the latest developments in audio and their impact

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Speaker Profile: Dennis Clark

Dennis Clark is Vice President of Talent Development for America’s biggest radio company, iHeartMedia. He started his radio career at KIIS FM Los Angeles in 1986 as a

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Speaker Profile: Evie Omirou

Evie Omirou is a performance driven marketing professional with a marketing and sales background including a degree in business administration and industrial relations, coming with

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Speaker Profile: Judith Whelan

Judith Whelan is Director of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s  Regional and Local services, where she oversees the corporation’s eight capital city radio stations, 48 rural and

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Speaker Profile: Suzie Lechtenberg

Suzie Lechtenberg is the Executive Producer of Radiolab. In 2016, Lechtenberg co-created Radiolab’s beloved spinoff show about the Supreme Court, More Perfect. Lechtenberg worked as the Executive Producer, alongside

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